What should we wear to our photo session?!

Styling Guide

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Picking outfits for a family photo session can feel so stressful - but it doesn't have to be! Here are a few tips to make choosing your outfits a little easier:

First and most important tip… wear clothes that you are all comfortable in!

If you feel out of place in your clothing, you will look out of place. You don’t want to spend a bulk of your session adjusting your outfit that keeps moving out of place, fixing falling bra straps, or tugging down shirts. Here are a couple of the most common things to look out for with each family member:

Moms: I know the short or tight dresses or skirts are so appealing but hear me out… you want to be comfortable enough to interact with your kids throughout your session. That could mean comfortably standing while holding their sweet little hand, but it also could mean getting down on their level to give them tickles while they play. You want to be able to comfortably move around and not worry about a shirt gaping open when sitting or a skirt causing you to feel uncomfortable while sitting.

Dads: Your advice is relatively simple… you want to make sure you wear a long enough shirt. You’ll be the one swinging around your kid, giving piggyback rides or putting kids up on your shoulders and you don’t want a belly peeking out during the fun.

Kids: There isn’t much advice with kids other than don’t go too fancy. They need to be comfortable enough that they can play and laugh. If girls are wearing a dress, just make sure to have a matching undergarment (shorts or leggings) so that any ride ups won’t look too out of place. Also keep the long enough shirt rule in mind for your littles too because their shirts often get all sort of out of whack as you tickle out those smiles!

Avoid neon or bright colors.

I’m not saying you have to all be completely neutral, unless you love that style! I personally love having some colored clothing in my sessions. However... muted and neutral colors will photograph the best for more flattering skin tones. Bright colors can cast a glow on everyone that will take away from the natural look. It’s best to air on the side of neutrals, and throw in a few (preferably muted) color pops. My goal is to take beautiful family photos that focus on your family connection and the surroundings. This is best accomplished when you avoid distracting colors.

Don’t forget about shoes and accessories!

This is especially true when it comes to your little ones that you probably put in the same crazy colorful (and let’s be real - filthy) shoes every day. Splurge a little on new shoes for them and I promise - you won’t regret it! Also, there’s nothing like a great hat, a pair of suspenders, or a cute headband to complete any outfit!

Day of tips

Empty your pockets. Pocket bulges from phones and car keys don’t ruin a photo, but they sure do distract from an elegant portrait! Also, remove any hairbands from your wrist or watches that aren’t photograph friendly. And one final tip - brush and floss your teeth before heading to your session so your teeth will look fresh!

It can be difficult deciding on outfits for your photo session- but also lots of fun! Feel free to reach out for further help, or send me photos of clothing you’re considering. I've also made a Pinterest board with outfit ideas!

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